We have been working on a product called InfoPro for a while. It is kind of evolutionary. We did two earlier products – NewsMinder and InfoStreams but never released for wider distribution.

InfoPro’s goal is to be your custom content finder. Think of it as your personal Research Assistant. You tell it what you want, and it goes and finds some good sources. It then constantly discovers, gathers, filters information and delivers it to you on a single page. Here is how it works.

1. You tell us your domain – Software, Social Media, Clean Energy, Healthcare or anything else that your business needs.

2. You also tell us what any topics you want to track in this domain.

3. We create a topic hierarchy, discover relevant sources of information, gather information on a daily basis and present you the links.

4. We go one step further. We extract specific bits that may be useful to you from this information stream – companies, products, people, technologies.

5. We create word clouds to show you what is trending in this specific topic.

You can do it all yourself using Google search and Google alerts. We just do it better and faster and easier.


We are toying around with a different name for this product – TopicMinder. Will update this post when it is publicly available.

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