List of Lists

A List of Lists

I am a bit of a geek. Please keep that in mind when you look at these lists. 

Feb 2015

The 104 Most Active Corporate VCs Firms

50 Free eBooks On Python! 

Apr 2014

Free Programming Books

From the list above Free Python Books

8 books every IT leader should read this year | ITworld

Feb 2014

The Data Visualization Catalog

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Sep 2013

The Museum of Online Museums  via @jasonfried

Books on Game Development

July 2013

Teach Thought: 50 Best Smart Phone Apps for Teachers

Tim Berners-Lee: These statements of architectural principle explain the thinking behind the W3C specifications.

June 2013

Teacher’s Guides to Technology and Learning

Timeless Rules of Learning and Life

Bertrand Russell’s 10 Commandments of Teaching

Free Online Courses

History of the World in 46 Lectures from Columbia University

History of the World in 100 Objects – a podcast series from BBC

LC Linked Data Service – Authorities and Vocabularies

A List of Programming Screencast Series

List of most voted links on Hacker News

Front End Development Tools

Apr 2013

World Thinkers 2013 – Intellectuals Who Shape Our Thinking thanks to @DavidHolzmer

A list of cloud providers (this feed gets updated when new cloud providers show up)

Jan 2013

World’s Most Important Meta Inventions

The 100 Best Lists of All Time from The New Yorker

Nov 2012

Books for Startups recommended by Steve Blank

Tools and Blogs for Entrepreneurs – from Steve Blank

Aug 2012

30 blogs about business ideas and opportunities

July 2012

Tech Reporter Contact Lists  – contains  

May 2012

What are the Most Life-Changing Books You’ve Read? [twitter poll]

April 2012

Book List from Book Pickings  Reviews for some of these are available on the Brain Pickings site.

September 2011

links to various Word Lists and related information

23 Tweetable Insights From “The Lean Startup”

Cloud Computing Links

70+ Essential Resources for Making a Difference on the Social Web

Creative Reading List | Josh Linkner

Creative Quotes Library | Josh Linkner

Top 10 Brainstorming Techniques | Josh Linkner

The Ten Commandments of Idea Generation | Josh Linkner

August 2011

Cloud 100: The Top 100 Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2011

60+ Business, Management and Entrepreneurship courses thanks to @sureshpeterss

Jul 2011

List of Tech Groups and Startup Groups in Chennai

Jan 2011

Churchill Club Science and Technology Discussions Videos

Forty most popular Social Networking Sites in the World

Dec 2010

List of  Interesting Twitter Apps

Sep 2010

What books would you recommend to a 16 year old in India?

Web 2.0 Diagrams – a set on Flickr via @weknowmore

40 useful things you can share on Twitter besides blog posts

July 2010

12 Screencasting Tools For Creating Video Tutorials

List of startups collected by Tech Crunch in CrunchBase

List of Startups in India (initially Chennai/Bangalore and the surrounding regions).

The 50 smartest people in tech – An alchemy of intellect, ambition, and that uncanny ability to peer around corners.

AngelList – Venture Hacks

June 2010

30 Best of Nature Photographs thanks to @vinoth27

Listverse – Ultimate Top 10 Lists

Photos of Cute Photographers taking photos

40 Useful and Creative Infographics (thanks to @GuyKawasaki)

Creativity Books to boost ideas (thanks to Paul Sloane)

My Delicious Bookmarks on Lists

May 2010

Tech News Brands (thanks to Robert Scoble)

March 2010

How to say “I love you” in 100 different languages.

30 Fancy Calligraphy Fonts

December 2009

I hope to see a lot of lists in Dec. It is that time of the year for observations and predictions.

November 2009

Twitter Applications -Part-2

Twitter Applications – Part-1

Listorious A  list  of some cool Twitter lists.

Oct 2009

TED University: 100 Websites You Should Know and Use

Stanford University’s e-Corner: Popular Videos

Sep 2009

Best books for Budding Entrepreneurs – I have read some but not all of them. I found this list in Amazon while I was buying something else.

Economy Rankings – A ranked list of countries and several parameters for judging whether it is easy to do business there.

Aug 2009

Work Literacy Hot List

Jul 2009

100 Things to Write a List of 100 About

Top 100 Blogs to Boost  Your Sales Skills

Open Source Video Games

Particle Accelerators Around the World

Coders at Work

June 2009

A directory of directories of Twitter users  –

Feb 2009

Top 10 Lists of Blogs

Speeches of Barack Obama (from 2002-2009)

Jan 2009

A Review of the Best Robots of 2008 – Singulartiy Hub

Forty Ways to Relax and Recharge Your Batteries

A list of Web Analytics Solutions

Nobel Prize – A directory of prizes and winners

Dec 2008

Ten Laws of Simplicity

Nov 2008

A few good presentations on Innovation (on slideshare)

Deloitte’s Fastest Growing 500 Companies 2007

Top 10 Disruptive IT Trends – CIO Insight

Oct 2008

List of Blog Search Engines

Top 10 Movie Robots

Podcasts from PBS

RSS Feeds from PBS (frontline is one of my favorites)

Interviews with Innovators
IT Conversations

Social Innovation Conversations

HBR Ideacasts


Stack Overflow

Y-Combinator: Startup ideas we would like to fund – Jul 2008

Reading List – About 75 books on Software and Software Related Businesses – Jul 2008

Ideas Worth Spreading – Some of the most inspiring videos on the net – Jul 2008

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Video Lectures – Jun 2008

LibriVox – A list of free audio books – Jun 2008

Astronomy Cast – Great podcasts on Astronomy – April 2008

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing , Mar 31, 2008

Harward Business Review Ideacast , Mar 31, 2008

Knowledge@Wharton – A great source of interviews and discussions as Podcasts

Mar 2008

Python Resources from MIT EECS course

Nov  2007

List of Social Networking Websites – Wikipedia

Nov 1, 2007

List of Thought Processes

23rd Sep 07

Twenty Most Popular Sites for Bargain Hunters

15th Sep 2007 ,

Tech Nation with Moira Gunn

I just listened to one interview yesterday but there seems to be a wealth of information 10th Sep 07


is an encyclopedia on all the Free video games and the Free gaming culture in general 7th Sep 07

List of Tools for Freelancers

From LifeHacker, Aug 24, 2007

Mind mapping Tools, Resources, Tips

mind mapping is based around a strong visual method of taking notes. Whether your using colorful markers and paper or using state-of-the-art computer software, you’ll find using mind maps are a much more interesting way to take notes than you ever have in the past

Aug 24, 07

Scalable Web Architectures

This is a collection of Slides, presentations and videos on topics related to designing of high throughput, scalable, highly available websites.

24th Aug 07, from Digg

MIT Comparative Media Studies: Graduate Students Theses

from 24th Aug 2007

Google Tech Talks (videos)

Aug 24, 2007: Thanks to A Beautiful WWW

How I got here: I am always curious about how people find my blog entries. So when I see a link to my blog, I normally go and explore the source. Most often, these are amazing resources with very similar overlapping interests.

Categorized List of Programming Languages

Jul 28, 2007 src: Wikipedia (How I got here: several hops from Futurist programming. I think I was looking at the attributes of a Dynamic Programming Language)

Dynamic Programming Languages

Jul 28, 2007 – link from Coding Horror:Futurist Programming

Futurist Programming Notes

Jul 28, 2007 a link from Coding Horror:Futurist Programming

Inspiring and Informative Videos

Jul 24, 07

Books on Innovation

Jul 23, 07 – From Ideas in granular form (where a lot of good ideas come from)

Entrepreneurial Proverbs

Jul 22, 07 – Google Alerts on Innovation ->Mosh Pit as Innovation Models ->Ideas are just Multipliers ->Proverbs

Ten Must Read Books on Mathematics

– Jul 19, 2007 src:

Best paid CIOs – Their compesation ranges from $400,000 to 9 million

– added Jul 18, 2007 src: baseline email alert

Sweet Tools (A list of over 500 semantic web tools)

– added Jul 10, 2007 src:InfoMinder Alert ->Planet RDF ->Exhibit Examples

The New Seven Wonders of the World and Complete List of Finalists

– added Jul 9, 2007, src: InfoMinder Alert -> Resource Shelf

List of Natural Disasters

– added Jul 9, 2007, src: InfoMinder Alert->Resource Shelf

Smart People on Cool Topics (SciTalks)

– added Jul 9,2007 src: Infominder Alert,

Berkman Center for Internet and Society Podcasts

Jul 2, 2007 (heard the first podcast today of Nicholas Negropante on OLPC. Simply amazing)

Interviews with Innovators by Jon Udell

– Jul 1, 2007 ( I love this podcast. I am trying to find others like this – of similar depth and value)

Science Friday Podcasts

– Jul 1, 2007 (when you want to get a small dose of science, this is really a good source)

55 Essential articles every Blogger should read

– Jul, 1, 2007 (got this from Digg)

Keeping Tabs on Web 2.0 (Several Web 2.0 directories)

– Jun 26, 2007 (Found through InfoMinder alert)

Webware’s 100 Best Web Apps

– Jun 19,2007

List of Web 2.0 Products and Services

– 8th Jun 2007

25 Greatest Science Books of All Time

– 17thNov 2006

List of Lists from Wikipedia

The Top 100 Most Innovative Companies

List of Lists By Magazine by Gary Price

Best Sellers Lists from NY Magazine

Academic and Scholarly Authors

Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantacy List

Waterstone’s Top 100 books of the Century

Mailing Lists for XML Developers

100 Things You Should Do Before You Die

Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics

100 best Science Fiction Books (1949-1984)

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