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Diesel Engine – Augment Reality App
Digital Delivery Centre Inaugurated in Chennai
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Digital transformation in the construction sector
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Integra Software Services is selected by Taylor & Francis Group
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Integra exhibits at ATD 2015.
Integra wins award at DivHERsity Awards 2019
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Jouve Expands Customer Capabilities in the Education Market with Acquisition of Six Red Marbles
Jouve Group helps Thélem Assurances innovate and launch ‘Tariflash’
Jouve and MatchUpBox pick up two awards at the Banque et Innovation event for a practical application of blockchain technology
Jouve cooperates with the German premedia company Reemers Publishing Services.
Jouve designs a system for the production and multi-channel distribution of Renault user manuals
LMS enhanced with eReader application – The features and benefits
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Promoters of Integra buy back Baring’s stake
Promoters, early investors reboard their companies
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Publishing Workflow Platform
RATP commissions JOUVE to digitize and process offense notices for the entire Greater Paris network
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Role of AI in the Publishing Industry
STM Editing and Proofreading – Key Practices to accelerate Manuscript Publication
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The CEO Magazine interviews our CEO to get a sense of ‘The Journey So Far’
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The Paris CPAM commissions the Jouve Group to provide automated recognition and video coding of its paper medical claim forms.
The Publications Office of the European Union awards a major project to Jouve and Skrivanek
The banking industry pays tribute to Jouve and Jouve Mobile Capture
The benefits of XML-First workflow in Digital Publishing
Thibault Lanxade appointed President and CEO of Jouve.
Thélem Assurances receives an innovation award for its Tariflash application developed with Jouve.
To Script or to plug-in
Top Young Entrepreneurs of India – Sriram Subramanya
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