Mobile Devices InfoStream

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Links from Infostreams Alert for mobile devices App Inventor Continues Life at MIT Iconia Tab A100 Review Analysis of Google’s Motorola Acquisition Apple planning $1bn Sharp display investment tips analyst Motorola 19s GSII-rivaling DROID HD leaks $80 Android Phone Sells Like Hotcakes In Kenya Occasional Gamer Dev app stats out two unknown Windows Phone devices […]

Innovation Trends

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It takes a while for technology innovation to start appearing in business. Awareness of ¬†innovation starts with a few fringe users/early adopters. It then starts growing and then moving main stream. The stock market analysts start looking at these innovations when they start showing up in revenue streams. So following Weak Signals and Micro Trends […]

LinkLog: A for Apps

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This is a learning trend to watch. Here is an article from Fast Company titled A for Apps. When the Singer sisters were just 6 months old, they already preferred cell phones to almost any other toy, recalls their mom, Fiona Aboud Singer: “They loved to push the buttons and see it light up.” The […]