Beginner Python Videos – Session1

This collection contains 4 videos.

In the first two videos you will get a little taste of Python.

  1. A brief description of the workshop, and pre-requisites 
  2. Your first program and introuctdion to some simple concepts. We start with a simple hello world program and make changes to customize it to greet the user.

We learned how to:

  • Write a simple program and run it?
  • Get input from the user
  • Process the input
  • Import and use a module
  • Convert a string into an integer
  • Use control-flow-statement like if…elif..else
  • Make the program more readable by adding comments and docstrings

The next two videos, we will learn how to:

  1. Create a simple command line chatbot
  2. Use more Python statements – while, break, pass etc.
  3. Use data structures like lists 
  4. Use strings and string functions

Hello2 – A revised version of Hello program to greet the user based on the time of day.

Chatbot – A simple command line chatbot. Shows you how to use lists.

How to get most out of these two sessions?

  1. Watch the video once.
  2. Type in the code and try to make it work on your computer.
  3. If you run into any problems, don’t worry because that is normal. In fact getting, finding and fixing problems are part of developing programs.
  4. If you need help or questions, please post in the #ask channel on Discord Server we set up for this workshop. The invite link is sent separately in a the mail.