Taking a Quick Look At a VC

At TiEcon, we have a Pitch2VC session. We have over a dozen VCs to whom entrepreneurs can pitch. So if you are an entrepreneur to pitch to vc, how would you go about looking at them? What if a VC had to pitch to you? I took the easy way out and did a small test. I went to a VC’s website, in this case Canaan Partners and did the following:

1. Copied the home page text

2. Copied the text from all the pages under About Us

Took this text and gave it to Wordle to create a tag cloud. Here is the result.

3. In addition I went to Hubspot’s Website Grader and graded their site. I will let you do this on your own, but there were some pretty impressive stats.

Why did I do this? I consider the home page and About page as two most important parts of a VCs pitch. How can this be improved?

1. Get the text for the whole site (or some of the pages that you think will be useful – like portfolio companies).

2. Automate this process of gathering information and creating a tag cloud. I think it will be an interesting mini-project.