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A Blog Worth Reading

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From @sharads tweet, I discovered JP’s blog. I would like to share a couple of snippets from his About This Blog page. I believe that Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law and Gilder’s Law have created an environment where it is finally possible to demonstrate the value of information technology in simple terms rather than by […]

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Consensual Hallucinations

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Why does this strike a chord? This frankly brutal post on myths of Project Management is much more than that: Life is full of consensual hallucinations. A polite way of saying we’re surrounded by bullshit. If you live in a democracy, you tend to believe you have a say in what happens in your life. […]


Recognizing Software Metaphors

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Chris Wood has a great blog post on Software Development Metaphors. He lists a set of software metaphors under broad categories like: Traditional Software Development Metaphors Software Development as a Factory Software Development as Engineeing Software Development as Model/Architecture Software Development as Workflow Process Radical Software Development Metaphors: Software Development as Craft Software Development as […]