Daniel Pink: To Sell Is Human

From  To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Pink, Daniel H. (2012-12-31).

About a year ago, in a moment of procrastination masquerading as an act of reflection, I decided to examine how I spend my time. I opened my laptop, clicked on the carefully synched, color-coded calendar, and attempted to reconstruct what I’d actually done over the previous two weeks. I cataloged the meetings attended, trips made, meals eaten, and conference calls endured. I tried to list everything I’d read and watched as well as all the face-to-face conversations I’d had with family, friends, and colleagues. Then I inspected two weeks of digital entrails— 772 sent e-mails, four blog posts, eighty-six tweets, about a dozen text messages. When I stepped back to assess this welter of information— a pointillist portrait of what I do and therefore, in some sense, who I am— the picture that stared back was a surprise: I am a salesman.

I was listening to HBR Ideacast – an interview with Daniel Pink. In those 15 minutes, Pink shares some amazing observations about sales covering a variety of topics:

  • Information Assymetry and Information Parity and their effect on sales
  • Introverts vs Extroverts
  • Buoyancy and the ratio of positive to negative emotions in sales
  • Subject lines in email messages – utility vs curiosity

I recommend listening to this podcast (even if you are not in Sales). I bought the book and expect to learn a lot from it.

TiE Unconference in Chennai

You are an entrepreneur or trying to start a company. You have some ideas and even built a prototype. You want to talk to a few fellow entrepreneurs.

You are a professional working on some cool technology. You want to share some of your ideas on how to use/leverage this technology.

You have questions about some emerging trends. Is this space worth getting into? What are the risks? Are there any one out there doing this?

You want to know a bit about marketing. How do I go about finding a certain type of customer? How do I get my first customers?

You may be a successful startup but have questions about scaling your business. Find some meontors, coaches or just exchange notes with people who have done it before.

Many of us have these questions. We want to meet, discuss, comment, gather information and learn from others. We are willing to share what we know. Where do you go?

This is the goal of TiE Chennai Unconference.

We are trying a few experiments during this event. The success, of course, depends on you. If you are a professional or an entrepreneur, we would love to see you there.

1. We are putting together a panel of experts in scaling a business from a few people to a few hundred. You can bring your questions on finding, keeping, growing customers to this panel. It will be entirely audience driven.

2. Most of our sessions will be discussions. You can ask questions, share bits of knowledge and expertise and watch others do the same. Here is a place to find individuals you want to connect with and keep in touch even after the conference.

3. You have done an amazing job of telling us what you would like to talk about.  So as a group we know what we are going to discuss most. Here is the latest topic cloud in case you have not seen it before.

You are encouraged to come and  participate and tell a few friends who may benefit. We are really looking forward to this event. See you on 18th Sep.