Do You Manage Facebook Groups? This App May be Useful To You

We moved several Google Groups to Facebook over the last year. We found that the comment spam is a lot more manageable on FaceBook. One of the problems with the Facebook group is that some useful and important threads are lost. There is no easy way to capture them. I always wanted a simple thread capture app that can capture a thread of discussion and save it to a document. Here are a few examples:

  • In Chennai Open Coffee Club, we started an introduction thread. We wanted to save all replies and create a simple directory from these replies. We wanted to store it in the group as a shared document for people to see (or edit).
  • Once in a while some one asks for a resource and gets lots of answers. Some examples include good books for startups, list of angel networks etc. We wanted to get all these replies and store the resources in a resource document.
  • Some discussions are useful and interesting. We want these to be captured so that new entrants to this group can see what happened.

Krishna and Souvik  of (Un)ClassRoom run a course on creating Facebook apps. Krishna requested me to give some challenges to the students.  I suggested that they build a conversation saver app (and a few others).

That is how FB Conversation Saver was born. Vinay, one of the students hacked it as part of his course work. After a couple of iterations it is really good and usable. Try it out and let us know how we can make it better.  Leave your comments/Likes on this page.

Social Shopping

This is a fragment from In defense of Facebook

That’s what Facebook’s ad strategy will work to deliver: social shopping. And I want that. Just as I’m interested in what apps friends install I’m interested in what products they buy, so long as they are willing to tell me, and also what they think of them.

I normally consult my friends when I buy something.  I also used to buy something because someone I know and trust bought something (like a digital camera) and raved about it. Social Networks like Facebook just make that kind of consultation and referral easier.

So there is some app idea lurking here. Combine the concept of a virtual circle (gadget freaks is a good example) with product recommendations. It may already be there. Difficult to tell when you have to scan through several thousands of applications.