A Few Python Resources and a Twitter App to Track Them

I work with students quite a bit. When I talk to them about Python, they want to first know why. I tell them Why I love Python and why they should look at Python. If they are convinced, then they ask me whether I have any pointers to resources or how they can learn Python. I point them to a couple of really good free ebooks on Python. After a while the students come back and ask me whether I can give them a few problem sets.

So I started putting together a simple resource list for people interested in learning Python. I added a few tiny projects and a couple of other places they can go to get projects.

I gather a lot of information in Python since we are using it to build products, write a few tools and teach students programming.  I would like to organize them a bit and share them in these pages.  You can track this list using a simple twitter app called checkpage (Yes, we wrote this app in Python and used a popular Python web framework called Django). All you have to do is to tweet:

@checkpage start http://dorai.wordpress.com/?s=python

Check page simply checks a page at regular intervals and notifies you, if it changes. It is free. For example, you can use it to track the popular python links on delicious

@checkpage start http://delicious.com/popular/python

Good luck and leave a comment here if you have any suggestions.

The product is not available any more. Planning to merge this functionality into some of our other products.


Our First Twitter App – CheckPage

We launched  our first Twitter app – CheckPage. It is currently in Beta.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of several nifty tools for finding, tracking, filtering, extracting and sharing Information.

CheckPage is a Twitter based tool for tracking a web page, detecting changes and sending you a notification through. It can be used for tracking:

  1. Your partners/customers
  2. Your competitor’s
  3. Government sites fo

To track a page, say Hacker News, all you do is to Tweet:

@checkpage start http://news.ycombinator.com/

Checkpage will track this page every day and send you a notification when something changes on the page. The notification will come in the form of a reply Tweet and will contain a pointer to a changed page (in addition to the original page). When you go to the changed page, you will notice that all the new content is highlighted.

Give it a try. If you need to see other commands, they are described in this help page.  Send us suggestions, either as comments to this post or by email (specified in the help page). We have a lot of features planned, but we want to hear what you think first.