OpenKit, Intelligent Home Screen for Android, App Discovery Engine

  1. Mobile Gaming Backend OpenKit Now Available To All DevelopersOpenKit, an open-source social platform for mobile games, is now open to all developers, according to co-founder Peter Relan. The service, first announced in December, has been in private beta since earlier this year. There are apparently 1,500 developers already testing the service. Relan previously told me that he started …
  2. Highland Capital, Andreessen Horowitz & Others Put $1.8M Into Aviate, An Intelligent Homescreen For AndroidFacebook is not the only company to invest in development of products that take better advantage of the Android homescreen. South Korean messaging app KakaoTalk also recently announced its intentions to release a rival Android launcher. And now, Highland Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and others have invested $1.8 million into Aviate, …
  3. A month after booting AppGratis, Apple approves AppCurious — a new take on discovery“new paradigm” is to find and follow friends and celebrities and install new apps based on what they use and share. Nwosu calls it a “Quora for app discovery”;

InfoStreams Alert – Mobile Devices and Apps

Infostreams Alert on Mobile Devices, Apps, Vendors and Markets

  1. Silk ported from Kindle Fire to rooted Android devices, other web browsers now jealous
  2. Spotify CEO shows off iPhone voice integration hack, love for Siri, Coldplay
  3. Iwan Thomas on Motorola ACTV, motivation, music and more
  4. Android Market hits 400,000 apps
  5. Best Android sports apps
  6. SugarSync updates Android and iOS apps, brings auto sync technology to videos
  7. APP OF THE DAY: Touchnote Postcards for iPad review
  8. Apple iPhone 4S Lands in China, 21 Other Countries Next Week
  9. Android Ice Cream Sandwich Now on 0.6 Percent of Devices
  10. iOS 5 Bug Could Leave Your Photos On iPhone Open For Everyone To See
  11. Use Your Android Device As An Extended Display For PC With ScreenSlider 13 Download Now
  12. How To Root ASUS Transformer Prime On Android 3.2.1 Honeycomb Using NachoRoot [Tutorial]
  13. Apple Set To Launch iPhone 4S In China And 21 Additional Countries On January 13
  14. Android Market Breaks The 400,000 App Barrier, Still Lagging Behind The iOS App Store In Absolute Numbers
  15. Tweet Time Is A Simple And Efficient Twitter Application For iPhone Running iOS 5 13 Download Now
  16. Google introduces mandatory Holo theme for Android 4.0
  17. Android now has 400,000 apps, still a ways to go to catch iOS
  18. AT&T to launch LTE Pantech Element 1Cwaterproof 1D tablet next week for $299
  19. Samsung intros two new value members to the Galaxy family
  20. Velocity Micro Cruz tablets will let you bring Android 4.0 home on a budget

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InfoMinder Alerts – 20th Oct 2008

Some interesting links I got through my InfoMinder Alerts today. I will just add a teaser for each entry. Some of these are blogs. Others are announcements or wiki links.

The Future of Enterprise Software

We are at the beginning of a massive shift from client-server to web-based software in the enterprise.  This move will be even more dramatic than the move from mainframe to client-server.  The move to self-service distribution will lower sales costs and make comparable technology available to enterprises of all sizes on an eat-as-you-go basis.  Having all data in a centralized repository with open interfaces will lead to geometric increases in functionality as customers munge data and functionality together themselves or through third party developers (who will also have access to self-service platforms).

Finally, I predict that (CRM) will have a valuation higher than SAP (SAP) in 5 years.  Today CRM is just under $8 billion in market value and SAP is just under $68 billion in market value.

What is hot in the Semantic Web Community (discovered through Planet-RDF)

Here are some of the topics that have already been put on the wish-list for the Semantic Wiki Mini-Series (source):

  • usability vs expressivity
  • community building
  • uncovering more implementations
  • HCI: navigation of large, high-dimensional knowledge spaces
  • e-science (especially pharma research & biomedicine)
  • semantic wikis and mashups
  • recommendation and personalization in semantic wikis,
  • knowledge representation (expresivity vs. simplicity)
  • how to make business subject matter experts able to enter, review and validate
    meaningful information without them having to learn new words
  • what dialect of OWL supported
  • integration of semantic resources (Protege / OOR / MW / …)
  • content quality
  • integration of external data
  • a semantic wiki & OOR session
  • experiences with distributed collaboration
  • server-side infrastructure to support semantic wikis
  • survey of semantic wikis for vertical domains (e.g. HCLS)
  • integration with other tools / linking wiki content to other apps

Motorola and the Android Social Networking Phone

Motorola, which is recruiting as many as 350 people to work on Android phones, is gearing up to make its first one:the Android Social Smart Phone. Last week, Android Guys spotted a job posting for the project, and now BusinessWeek has more details, including a mention of the Motorola job posting pictured at left on Monster looking for an Android application developer.

Five Ways to Google Proof Your Business

Google has acquired more than 50 companies, and it’s unlikely the spending spree will stop any time soon, as many of Google’s most recognized services came through acquisitions — including AdSense, Android, AdWords, Blogger, Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Maps, Picassa, and, of course, YouTube Inc.

But there are millions of businesses that will not be acquired by Google. As the saying goes, “Google has plenty of money, but you won’t get any of it.” The reality is, if you’re not one of the lucky chosen, Google can be both a competitor and a phenomenon that marginalizes your business model by making alternatives easy to find, or by turning your paid products into an advertising-sponsored free-for-all.

As an optimist, I’d prefer to think of Google as another arrow in the quiver to be used to expand your Internet business, drive qualifying traffic, improve your brand, and ultimately help support an exit (if you want to be rich) or a viable business model (if you’d rather be king) — or perhaps both.

There are several actions I’d suggest for those looking to make Google a weapon for positive gain. Many of these are mutually exclusive, but some combination warrants consideration for any online business

Design Considerations for Parallel Programming

Parallel programming has all of the correctness and security challenges of sequential programs plus all of the difficulties of parallelism and concurrent access to shared resources.

RDB to RDF Mapping (On Demand and ETL)

We expect cases favoring on demand mapping to be characterized by any of:

  • High rate of change of the data
  • Very large volume of data
  • Relatively straightforward translation between RDF and the data
  • Relatively few RDB’s being integrated.

We expect cases favoring ETL to be characterized by:

  • Large number of heterogenous sources of data
  • Complex application logic needed for transforming the data
  • RDF reasoning being performed on the mapped data
  • Queries with variables in class or predicate positions