One of the Most Valuable Resources for Bloggers

This is one of the most valuable resources for bloggers I have seen, in a while. For some one to take the pains to assemble such a big list and carefully categorize them and list them on a blog, is, simply astounding. But then, this is what blogging is all about – sharing.

I’ve put together a huge list of content resources for you to peruse and investigate for possible blog content. It certainly isn’t a list of all the content, resources, and information out there, but it is designed to get you thinking about all the content, resources, and information out there for you to blog about. And there is a lot out there. If I have missed a favorite resource of yours, please add it below in the comments. I love looking up new avenues of inspiration.

I came to this list by accident. I track several topics using Google Alerts. I received an alert for InfoMinder today. InfoMinder is a product our company provides. I followed the link on the alert and found this blog post. I am glad, I did.

Using Microsoft Word to Blog

This morning, I saw Jon’s blog entry on Blogging Using Word 2007, and my jaw dropped. I do not believe in coincidences. But this is uncanny.

I was jotting down some points on my flight from San Jose to Hartford, CT, yesterday. Since I was not online, and I wanted to blog, I thought I would type it into Word and do a cut and paste later. This got me thinking about a few ideas and I noted down in my Idea-log (a moin-moin desktop wiki). I have reproduced a fragment of my idea-log here. Look at the last entry.


And here is the page on the Word plug-in.


At that time, I was not thinking specifically of Word 2007.  I am so glad Jon is on to this. I look forward to some interesting developments in this space.