Top Trending Python Projects, Airflow, and Intelligent Agents

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Came across Top 10 Trending Python Projects On GitHub: 2020  and could not resist. Looking at a couple of them for our explorations in Natural Language Processing and using Games for Teaching Software. Apache Airflow Airflow pipelines are configuration as code (Python), allowing for dynamic pipeline generation. You can use it for building ML models, […]

Innovation and Startup Culture in Colleges

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How do you bootstrap a culture of Innovation and  Entrepreneurship in your college? Start an Innovation and Entrepreneurship development activity. Find a few mentors from the industry. Involve your nearest TiE/NASSCOM/NEN/CII chapters. Have each mentor adopt a few projects. They can teach students how to generate ideas, build demonstrable prototypes, find initial users and validate […]

A Good Teacher …

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A good teacher worries about a lot of things. Here are a few, I can think of:   Do I understand the subject well enough to teach? Do I have both the conceptual and the detailed understanding of the topic? How can I keep the students engaged? How can I evoke curiosity? How do help […]

Five Ways We Can Help Students

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I keep talking to lots of students and have some ideas on how we (at educational institutions and community) can help them. Here are some thoughts. Encourage curiosity. Curious kids learn a lot more. Help them explore. Give them broad exposure and have them explore on their own. Exploration helps satisfy their curiosity. Help them become  self-learners.Teaching […]