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Innovation and Startup Culture in Colleges

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How do you bootstrap a culture of Innovation and  Entrepreneurship in your college? Start an Innovation and Entrepreneurship development activity. Find a few mentors from the industry. Involve your nearest TiE/NASSCOM/NEN/CII chapters. Have each mentor adopt a few projects. They can teach students how to generate ideas, build demonstrable prototypes, find initial users and validate […]

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Are You a Multiplier or a Diminisher?

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Liz Wiseman talks about The Power of Not Knowing . She talks about multipliers and how they work. Multipliers are different. Some of the common attributes you can find in multipliers are that: They are supportive They trust people They listen a lot They make you feel important They seek help They give appreciation They get out […]

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Recommended Reading: Why Startups Fail?

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CB Insights recently parsed 101 post-mortem essays by startup founders to pinpoint the reasons they believe their company failed. On Thursday the company crunched the numbers to reveal that the number-one reason for failure, cited by 42% of polled startups, is the lack of a market need for their product. The post  Why startups fail is […]

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Process for Generating Ideas and How to Validated Them

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Nine entrepreneurs describe their approach to finding the initial users and validating their business ideas. Here is one from Rob Walling: Rob Walling, founder of the Numa Group and creator of Drip, an email-marketing tool. “I wanted to find 10 people who would be willing to pay a specific amount for the product once it was complete. […]