Innovation and Startup Culture in Colleges

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How do you bootstrap a culture of Innovation and  Entrepreneurship in your college? Start an Innovation and Entrepreneurship development activity. Find a few mentors from the industry. Involve your nearest TiE/NASSCOM/NEN/CII chapters. Have each mentor adopt a few projects. They can teach students how to generate ideas, build demonstrable prototypes, find initial users and validate […]

ReadLog: Launching a SaaS Company, CTO Coding and Order Matters in Software

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Here are a few entries from my readlog. 1. In Here’s How I Built and Launched a SaaS Company For Less Than $40k, Ryan Shank tells us how he built a SaaS product company in 6 months. Ryan describes: How he found a designer through Dribble (a community of designers) Created product requirements Designed deliverables Found a senior […]

Recommended Reading: Picking The Right Advisor for Your Startup

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Some great tips for startups on How To Survive Your First Year: Picking The Right Advisor Prepare for your meetings preferably with a list of questions First, find successful, independent advisors who have achieved what you want to. Whether they have bootstrapped a small business to profitability, scaled a business to serve customers around the world […]