Tall Claims

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Once in a while I get an email that starts out with: We are a world leading…. When I read that, I cringe a bit and promptly delete the email. I don’t understand why there is a compulsion to claim to be “world leading” . What is wrong with: We are a product company growing fast […]

Trying to Create a Better Product? That Strategy is too Vague.

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From Law of Perception – Marketing for Geeks Ries and Trout say, “Marketing is not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perceptions.” Sometimes the best product does not win. However, Quite frequently, perception is merely an exaggeration of reality. I like this advice: Don’t try to create a “better” product. That strategy is too […]

UnImaginative Marketing

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I loved this fragment from Copy Blogger: Unimaginative marketers attempt to stand out with message frequency, or by exchanging bribes for attention (resulting in an explosion of Facebook contests and giveaways, among other tactics). You can’t survive by shouting the loudest and relying solely on anachronistic interruption marketing. You can’t proclaim you’re featuring the “biggest […]