7 Things I Learned from Listening to The Culture of Innovation Talk

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I really enjoyed watching  “The Culture of Innovation” from MIT Technology Review. The talk covers several interesting topics worth exploring. Permission less innovation and Innovation at the edges A culture of practice over theory The concept of Social Investing Connectivity in Communities Peripheral vision and Pattern Recognition and how they are the total opposite of focus […]

ReadLog: Launching a SaaS Company, CTO Coding and Order Matters in Software

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Here are a few entries from my readlog. 1. In Here’s How I Built and Launched a SaaS Company For Less Than $40k, Ryan Shank tells us how he built a SaaS product company in 6 months. Ryan describes: How he found a designer through Dribble (a community of designers) Created product requirements Designed deliverables Found a senior […]

LinkLog: Content Marketing and Sales

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How Does Content Marketing Actually Get You More Sales? A good article, worth reading if you are an entrepreneur or in marketing: There is a big misconception that content marketing doesn’t drive sales. But if it didn’t work well, none of my companies would exist. From KISSmetrics to Crazy Egg, I’ve grown each of my […]

Matt Gemmell – All This Stuff Scares the Hell Out of Me

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All of this stuff scares the hell out of me: Software patents, and their use as a financial weapon. The walled garden of the various App Stores, with mysterious and ever-changing rules governing admittance, and the constant threat of capricious rejection. The consequent relative invisibility of non-App Store software. The incredibly crowded market, with imitations […]