Python Workshop for Students – An Experience Worth Sharing

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Yesterday I conducted a Python hands on workshop for (mostly) students. Before I started the workshop, I asked them to introduce themselves and share why they were attending the workshop. Here are some answers that warmed my heart. I want to learn something that is not covered in our courses and do something that we […]

Your Brain and The Concept of Desirable Difficulty

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The struggle and frustration you feel at the edges of your abilities— that uncomfortable burn of “almost, almost”— is the sensation of constructing new neural connections, a phenomenon that the UCLA psychologist Robert Bjork calls “desirable difficulty.” Your brain works just like your muscles: no pain, no gain. The concept is not new. In several […]

The Looming Skill Gap in Tech

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From The Modernization of Computer Science Education Most people, especially in Silicon Valley, are aware that there aren’t enough engineers graduating from college today. By 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor projects that there will be 1.4 million computer science (CS) jobs available, but only enough graduates to fill 30 percent of these jobs. What’s perhaps […]

PaaS is the New App Server

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Recommended Read – How PaaS is changing Enterprise App Development “PaaS is the new app server” does the trick. Like the Java application servers of yesteryear, PaaS delivers a service-rich, highly available dev, test, and deploy environment, plus a big dual bonus: cloud scalability and (in most cases) support for multiple languages. The real story […]

Cloud Interoperability, Cloud and Big Data, Cloud Skills, Everything As A Service, Cloud for Small Businesses

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A few cloud links from TopicMinder Alerts: Coupling Big Data With Cloud Computing To Reap Finer Results! Cloud Hosting emerged as a pioneering concept and led to the democratization of IT sector. With expanded reach to the masses, it has brought in drastic cost reduction with ample application choices giving users the power to make […]

Learning Programming In a Classroom vs. Interning

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The difference between learning in a classroom vs. interning: In the classroom, you’re given projects that are meant to test what you already learned, rather than send you on an excursion to find out what’s possible. Further, you don’t usually have to form a meaningful discussion out of describing the technical details of your project […]