Your Brain and The Concept of Desirable Difficulty

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The struggle and frustration you feel at the edges of your abilities— that uncomfortable burn of “almost, almost”— is the sensation of constructing new neural connections, a phenomenon that the UCLA psychologist Robert Bjork calls “desirable difficulty.” Your brain works just like your muscles: no pain, no gain. The concept is not new. In several […]

Three Posts Worth Reading – On Shifts

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These three posts are certainly worth reading. Why these three? One is a great report on industry shifts from one of the most influential thinkers in the industry. The second is another kind of shift – about the personal experience in shifting from one startup community to another. The third is an interesting shift – […]

Planning The Unplanned

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I found this really fascinating: All decisions involving uncertainty fall within two dis­tinct categories-those with contingencies, and those with­out. The latter are distinctly more difficult to deal with. Most decisions, and nearly all human interaction, can be incorporated into a contingencies model. For example, a President may start a war, a man may sell his […]