Innovation and Startup Culture in Colleges

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How do you bootstrap a culture of Innovation and  Entrepreneurship in your college? Start an Innovation and Entrepreneurship development activity. Find a few mentors from the industry. Involve your nearest TiE/NASSCOM/NEN/CII chapters. Have each mentor adopt a few projects. They can teach students how to generate ideas, build demonstrable prototypes, find initial users and validate […]

7 Things I Learned from Listening to The Culture of Innovation Talk

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I really enjoyed watching  “The Culture of Innovation” from MIT Technology Review. The talk covers several interesting topics worth exploring. Permission less innovation and Innovation at the edges A culture of practice over theory The concept of Social Investing Connectivity in Communities Peripheral vision and Pattern Recognition and how they are the total opposite of focus […]

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If You Like Database Technologies… You Will Enjoy This

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Dr. Michael Stonebraker is a legend in the database world. He was the architect of Ingres, Postgres, Vertica, Illustra, Cohera, Streambase, H-Store and VoltDB. In this interview, he dives deep into database technologies. He talks about evolution of databases and certainly provokes you to think about the technology, the industry and how application needs are driving […]