7 Things I Learned from Listening to The Culture of Innovation Talk

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I really enjoyed watching  “The Culture of Innovation” from MIT Technology Review. The talk covers several interesting topics worth exploring. Permission less innovation and Innovation at the edges A culture of practice over theory The concept of Social Investing Connectivity in Communities Peripheral vision and Pattern Recognition and how they are the total opposite of focus […]

Insights into IOT

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The Internet of Things, or IoT, may be the most important online development yet First thing in a new technology, people do all the obvious things that look like the old market, but more efficiently. In the Internet, GNN had web ads like old newspaper ads. Later there was Google search, which was a different […]

LinkLog: Smart and Connected Health Program

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From an NSF request for proposal synopsis: The goal of the Smart and Connected Health (SCH) Program is to accelerate the development and use of innovative approaches that would support the much needed transformation of healthcare from reactive and hospital-centered to preventive, proactive, evidence-based, person-centered and focused on well-being rather than disease. Approaches that partner […]