Focusing Illusion

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“Nothing In Life Is As Important As You Think It Is, While You Are Thinking About It”   Education is an important determinant of income — one of the most important — but it is less important than most people think. If everyone had the same education, the inequality of income would be reduced by […]

Your Brain and The Concept of Desirable Difficulty

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The struggle and frustration you feel at the edges of your abilities— that uncomfortable burn of “almost, almost”— is the sensation of constructing new neural connections, a phenomenon that the UCLA psychologist Robert Bjork calls “desirable difficulty.” Your brain works just like your muscles: no pain, no gain. The concept is not new. In several […]

Book: What Is Data Science?

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I just finished reading the book What is Data Science?. It is a small book (25 pages) and one of the many good starting points to learn about Data Science. This not a review but a few quotes from the book: According to Mike Driscoll(@dataspora), statistics is the “grammar of data science.” According to Martin […]

Love The Motivation Behind This Book

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I really like this para – The Motivation Behind the Book Doing Data Science: The world is opening up with possibilities for people who are quantitatively minded and interested in putting their brains to work to solve the world’s problems. I consider it my goal to help these students to become critical thinkers, creative solvers […]

BookLog: If Bayesian Inference is the Destination…

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From this free book – Bayesian Methods for Hackers Using Python and PyMC If Bayesian inference is the destination, then mathematical analysis is a particular path to towards it After some recent success of Bayesian methods in machine-learning competitions, I decided to investigate the subject again. Even with my mathematical background, it took me three straight-days of […]