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On Intelligence – Two Views

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Anitha sent me a link and asked for my opinion about this article – Artificial Intelligence or Intelligence Augmentation. What’s in a name? She likes everything in brief – ideally 100 words. Me, I like to pontificate, take my time (in words, I mean), and ramble a bit. There are three reasons why I think AI […]


Little Bits of Knowledge

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I am changing the name of this blog to Little Bits of Knowledge. This blog will be accessible from Little Bits of Knowledge or lbok. There are three reasons for this change. The new name reflects what I want to focus on, going forward. By removing my name, I can have more guests posting in […]

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ReadLog: When Leaders Think Aloud…

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When leaders think aloud, it is a fascinating to listen. Satya talks about innovation, handling failures, AI, advances in cloud computing, using silicon to speed machine learning and a variety of other topics including bits of history (of Microsoft) and philosophy. Microsoft had been there, too early.  And they were too far behind on the […]